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Pangasius mekongensis Gustiano, Teugels & Pouyaud, 2003

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Jean-Francois Helias (7)

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Occurs throughout the lower Mekong basin, but is relatively rare. It is most common from Nakhon Phanom in the North to Kandal Province (Cambodia) in the south. In Lao PDR and Thailand its presence is limited to a few months every year. Omnivorous: mainly insects, worms, submerged plants and seeds. After spawning in the Mekong mainstream, the hatched larvae drift with the water flow to their downstream nursery feeding ground. These are mainly associated with flooded vegetation during the flood season. This species is similar and closely related to P. kunyit and P. sabahensis. These new species, which belong to the subgenus Pangasius ( Pangasius ), are morphologically and genetically closely related to P. kunyit sensu stricto. Pangasius mekongensis sp. n. is characterized by the combination of a long, broad and rounded head with an elongated snout (head length 22.1-26.9% SL; head depth 11.3-13.9% SL; head width 14.8-20.0% SL; snout length 43.4-54.0% HL); the short distance from the snout to the isthmus (88.4-102.4% SNL); a robust dorsal spine (width 6.6-8.7% HL); the short palatine toothplates (length 6.6-12.8% HL); and the possession of 16-23 gill rakers. The pictured specimen weighed in at 8.36 kg. and was captured in Lao PDR.

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Asia: Vietnam; Mekong River. Type locality: Lower Mekong River, Vietnam.


90cm. (36ins)


22 -26°C (71 -79°F)


7.0 -8.5.


Gustiano, Teugels & Pouyaud, 2003. Revision of the Pangasius kunyit catfish complex, with description of two new species from South-East Asia (Siluriformes; Pangasiidae). Journal of Natural History, Volume 37, Issue 3 February 2003 , pages 357 - 376.
Poulsen, A.F., K.G. Hortle, J. Valbo-Jorgensen, S. Chan, C.K.Chhuon, S. Viravong, K. Bouakhamvongsa, U. Suntornratana, N. Yoorong, T.T. Nguyen and B.Q. Tran. 2004. Distribution and Ecology of Some Important Riverine Fish Species of the Mekong River Basin. MRC Technical Paper No. 10. ISSN: 1683-1489



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