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Title    Author   Article
Breeding Corydoras nattereri   Mark Bryson   001
Breeding Corydoras melanistius, My  first experience breeding Corydoras   Mark Bryson   002
Breeding Corydoras davidsandsi, Black 1987   Allan James   003
A Tale of 5 Cory's   John & Helen McGuire   004
Ancistrus Sp. 'Gold Form' Albino   Helen Burns   005
Rineloricaria parva, The Whiptail Catfish   Helen Burns   006
Breeding Corydoras elegans   Allan James   007
Keeping and Breeding S. leightoni   Paul E.Turley   008
Collecting Cats   Dr. David Sands   009
Corydoras cf. sanchesi Nijssen & Isbrucker, 1967    Ian Fuller   010
Hoplosternum pectorale   D.O.Carr   011
Spawning of the "Broad Banded" Corydoras Adolfoi   Adrian Payne   012
Breeding Corydoras burgessi, Axelrod 1987   Adrian Payne   013
Breeding Corydoras barbatus (Qouy & Gainard 1824)   Jim Makin   014
Close, But No siamensis   R. Shane Linder   015
Breeding Corydoras xinguensis   Mark Bryson   016
Breeding and development of Brochis splendens (Castelenau, 1855)   Brian Walsh   017
A Short Description of Peckoltia vittata   Erwin Schraml   018
An Observation On A Spawning Of Brachyrhamdia imitator   J.T.Morris   019
Observations on the Spawning and Raising Of The Member of The Genus Parotocinclus   J.T.Morris   020
First time Spawning and Raising of the Xingu-Lizard-Cat, Rineloricaria cf. tefeana   Malcolm Bryson   021
Breeding Corydoras melanotaenia   Mark Bryson   022
Observations of the Three species of the Genus Corydoras (now Scleromystax)   Jim Makin   023
Spawning Synodontis multipunctatus   Chad Christensen   024
The Spawning and Raising of the Pygmy Cat; Synodontis petricola   Graham Burnside   025
Collecting Venezuela   R. Shane Linder   026
My Experiences with the 'Mudcat' Ameiurus natalis   Barry Mitchell    027
Spawning Hypancistrus zebra   Kevin Korotev   028
Spawning Synodontis multipunctatus with Haplochromis sauvagel   Harold & Derek Walker   029
Spawning Synodontis petricola   Harold & Derek Walker   030



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