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A Short Description of Peckoltia vittata 

Erwin Schraml 

n view of the occasion there follows a small picture-round up with displays of Peckoltia vittata. The species is imported regularly. But the name Peckoltia vittata is used not only for this species but also for some others, which do not even belong to the genus Peckoltia.

L015 counts as identical with Peckoltia vittata, perhaps also L209 and L211 are local morphs. The species was originally described by Steindachner in 1882 as Chaetostomas vittatus, with the following places of discovery: "Amazonen-Strom, Tajapouru,Xingu bei Porto Moz, Rio Madeira".




Chaetostomus punctatus


Drawing of Chaetostomus punctatus from Steindachner (1882): Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Flussfische Südamerikas II

Peckoltia vittata


Mouth of Peckoltia vittata

Peckoltia vittata


Peckoltia vittata [in Aqualog all L-numbers: L103 Peckoltia sp. vittata]

Peckoltia vittata


Most specimens of P.vittata have a very regularely striped coloration. Variation is normally low.

Peckoltia vittata

Peckoltia vittata

Peckoltia vittata


Relatively rare morph of Peckoltia vittata with additional spots.

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