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Mochokidae Mochokidae = ( moh COKE id dee )   

Commonly known as "Synodontis cats" or "upside-down cats" these African catfish are recognised by the local population as "squeakers" owing to the noise they make when lifted out of the water.

There are over 150 species in this family and they are noted for their feathered barbels and unique shape which separates them from all other catfish. They make very hardy inmates of an aquarium and the vast majority are peaceful apart from territorial skirmishes.
Synodontis acanthomias
Synodontis acanthoperca
Synodontis afrofischeri  
Synodontis alberti
Synodontis albolineatus
Synodontis angelicus  
Synodontis ansorgii
Synodontis arnoulti
Synodontis aterrimus
Synodontis bastiani  
Synodontis batesii
Synodontis brichardi
Synodontis budgetti  
Synodontis camelopardalis
Synodontis caudalis
Synodontis caudovittatus
Synodontis centralis
Synodontis cf. caudovittatus
Synodontis cf. punctulatus
Synodontis clarias
Synodontis comoensis
Synodontis congicus
Synodontis contractus
Synodontis courteti
Synodontis decorus
Synodontis dhonti
Synodontis dorsomaculatus
Synodontis eupterus
Synodontis filamentosus
Synodontis flavitaeniatus
Synodontis gambiensis
Synodontis gobroni
Synodontis grandiops
Synodontis granulosus
Synodontis greshoffi
Synodontis guttatus
Synodontis haugi
Synodontis irsacae  
Synodontis katangae
Synodontis koensis  
Synodontis longirostris
Synodontis lucipinnis
Synodontis macrops
Synodontis macrostigma
Synodontis multimaculatus
Synodontis multipunctatus
Synodontis nebulosus
Synodontis ngouniensis
Synodontis nigrita
Synodontis nigriventris
Synodontis nigromaculatus
Synodontis njassae
Synodontis notatus
Synodontis nummifer  
Synodontis ocellifer   
Synodontis omias
Synodontis orientalis
Synodontis ornatipinnis
Synodontis ornatissimus
Synodontis ouemeensis
Synodontis pardalis
Synodontis petricola
Synodontis pleurops
Synodontis polli
Synodontis pulcher
Synodontis punctifer
Synodontis punctulatus
Synodontis rebeli  
Synodontis resupinatus
Synodontis robbianus  
Synodontis robertsi
Synodontis rufigiensis
Synodontis rukwaensis
Synodontis schall  
Synodontis schoutedeni
Synodontis serpentis
Synodontis smiti
Synodontis soloni  
Synodontis sorex
Synodontis sp. (SC001)  
Synodontis sp. (SC002)  
Synodontis sp. (SC003)  
Synodontis sp. (SC004)  
Synodontis sp. (SC005)  
Synodontis sp. (SC006)  
Synodontis sp. (SC007)  
Synodontis sp. (SC008)
Synodontis sp. (SC009)
Synodontis sp. (SC010)
Synodontis sp. (SC011)
Synodontis sp. (SC012)
Synodontis sp. (SC013)
Synodontis sp. (SC014)
Synodontis sp. (SC015)
Synodontis tanganyicae
Synodontis tessmanni
Synodontis tourei
Synodontis velifer
Synodontis vermiculatus
Synodontis victoriae
Synodontis violaceus
Synodontis voltae
Synodontis waterloti   
Synodontis xiphias
Synodontis zambezensis
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