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Synodontis rufigiensis  Bailey, 1968

Image contributors to this species:

Michael McBride (4) Ken Armke (2)

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Relevant Information:

Can be identified by the tail pattern of brown/black stripe to each of the caudal fin lobes and the membrane at the base of the maxillary barbels. Reported to be very nocturnal and this may be one of the reasons why this species is rarely caught in the wild. Aquarium Care: Reported to be very aggressive in the aquarium but other keepers [Seegers] have had no problems with them so this may be a trait to individual specimens. Diet: The usual feeding for Synodontis species, being good quality flake food, tablet food, frozen bloodworm, shrimp and prawns.    

Common Name:

Nyanyandu (Tanzania: Swahili language)




Mochokidae blycipitidae


East Africa: Tanzania: the Rufiji Basin


23cm. T.L. (9ins)


23 -26°C (73 -79°F)




Eccles H; David FAO: Field guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania, Rome 1992.
Seegers, L. 2008 The catfishes of Africa. A handbook for identification and maintenance. Aqualog Verlag A.C.S. GmbH, Germany. 604 p.



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