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Horabagridae = ( HORA bagridae)  

Horabagridae is a proposed family of catfishes containing three genera, Horabagrus, Pachypterus, and Pseudeutropius. Horobagrus has been more usually assigned to the family Bagridae and sometimes it has been suggested it is closer to the Schilbeidae which is where the other two genera have been more conventionally placed.

A molecular phylogenetic study by Sullivan et al. (2006, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution) indicates a close relationship between Horabagrus and Pseudeutropius, and these together are recovered as the sistergroup to Bagridae sensu Mo (1991 Theses Zoologicae, 17, Koeltz, Koenigstein).

Horabagrus brachysoma
Horabagrus nigricollaris
Pachypterus acutirostris
Pachypterus atherinoides
Pachypterus khavalchor
Pseudeutropius brachypopterus
Pseudeutropius indigens
Pseudeutropius moolenburghae








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