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Pachypterus khavalchor (Kulkarni, 1952)

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Pradeep Kumkar (1)

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Relevant Information:

Pachypterus (Neotropius) khavalchor was described by Kulkarni (1952) from Krishna River, near Islampur, Satara District and Panchaganga River, near Kolhapur, Maharashtra India. There is no information about the population status of Pachypterus khavalchor, however, the species is very rare (Jayaram 1995, Menon 1999, 2004, Jadhav et al. 2011). The area where Pachypterus khavalchor is found is affected by several threats including urbanization, industrial developments, mining activities and introduced species. Menon (1999) has suggested that as any small change in the quality of water in the upper reaches of the Krishna river system would have adverse effects on the quality of the water downstream which may result in the loss of N. khavalchor IUCN 2011). It is found in slow moving turbid streams (Menon 1999, 2004). It is a lepidophagous (scale eating) species (Kulkarni 1952) and it attains a total length of 15 cm (Menon 1999). Colour: Silvery grey above, pale below. A dark blotch on the occiput and caudal base may be present. Remarks: Listed in Fishbase as still in the Schilbeidae family but in the Catalog of Fishes the current status is the family Horabagride.

Common Name:

Khavalchor catfish


Neotropius khavalchor




Asia: Krishna river system in Maharashtra and middle Pennar River in Andhra Pradesh, India.Type Locality: Panchaganga River, near Kolhapur, Bombay State, India.


15.0cm. T.L. (6ins)


18-28°C (63-83°F)




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