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Links to science papers on the various catfish families. Some are free access and others you can purchase. The top menu is explained below.

A-B: Papers from the
families:  Ailiidae - Akysidae - Amblycipitidae - Amphiliidae - Ariidae - Aspredinidae - Astroblepidae - Auchenipteridae - Auchenoglanididae - Bagridae

Papers from the
families: Callichthyidae - Doradidae - Cetopsidae - Chacidae - Clariidae - Claroteidae - Cranoglanididae - Diplomystidae - Doradidae

: Papers from the
families: Heptapteridae - Heteropneustidae - Horabagridae - Ictaluridae

: Papers from the
families: Loricariidae - Mochokidae

P-T: Papers from the families: Pangasiidae - Phreatobiidae - Pimelodidae - Plotosidae - Pseudopimelodidae - Trichomycteridae


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