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Austroglanis barnardi


April 2014 Factsheet
Austroglanis barnardi
" Barnards Rock Catfish, Spotted Rock Catfish"


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Jan. 2014:


Open Shows for 2014 are now online and updated here

14th Feb. 2014: Video

Synodontis lucipinnis
Allan James


3rd February 2014: Article

Keeping Your Koi or Catfish in a Heated Pond
By Marijn van Haaren & Allan James

8th April 2012: Video

Corydoras weitzmanni
Roy Clark

1st January 2012: Video

Corydoras sterbai 
Roy Clark


1st January 2012: Video

Corydoras gossei
Roy Clark


4th September 2011: Video

Corydoras sodalis 


13th March 2011: Video

Amblydoras nauticus feeding 
Riny Gieltjes

15th February 2010: Article

Sleek, wiry, and striking: The predator catfish Aguarunichthys torosus 
By Wolfgang Ros















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