Article no.
A Brief History of My Life : Part 1 - A Magnificent Catfish How I first started my interest in catfish Daphne Layley 078
A Brief History of My Life : Part 2 - A Womans View A females view of our hobby and how she started. Daphne Layley 085
Brackish Water Catfish As Title Dr. Neale Monks 084
Collecting Cats The positives and pitfalls of keeping catfish Dr. David Sands 009
Do You Bother to Quarantine? As Title Daphne Layley 111
Hollidays and your fish tank A guide to feeding your fish when away on holliday Steven Chester 134
Hybridized Fish. Are they ethical - Do we really need them? As Title Daphne Layley 113
Keeping Your Koi or Catfish in a Heated Pond As Title Marijn van Haaren & Allan James 118
Other Methods of Reducing Hardness As Title James Montgomery 123
Tank Busting Catfish Part One: The Debate Continues The debate on the keeping of large catfish Chris Ralph 077
Tank Busting Catfish Part Two: The continuing debate…. Asian Catfish The debate on the keeping of large catfish from the Asian continent Chris Ralph 082
The Big Tank Buster Debate Can we as aquarists, keep large catfish ? Daphne Layley 073
The Families of the Order Siluriformes A list of all families for the order Siluriformes Shane Linder 038
To Show or Not to Show? Should you show your catfish? Daphne Layley 107
Water Chemistry All your questions answered on this subject James Montgomery 122
What’s In YOUR Water? Water Changes at the Weekend ? – Not Likely! Authors take on the dangers of water changes at the weekend Daphne Layley 101
Winter Worms Earth worms for your fish all year round Daphne Layley 121

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