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Horabagrus brachysoma (Günther, 1864)

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Relevant Information:

Found in backwaters. Marketed live. Contributes to a local fishery during rainy season. The Horabagrus genera including H.brachysoma and H. nigricollaris were originally placed in the Bagridae family but work carried out by JAYARAM suggested that the Horabagrus were more closely related to the Schilbidae family but could be given their own family, Horabagridae, with some species taken out of the Schilbidae that are phylogenetically different. Aquarium Care: Will need a large tank with places to hide as they are extremely nocturnal and will only be seen sporadically during the day. Diet: Will eat most prepared foods and is an easy fish to keep as long as tankmates are not too small as they will eat small fish. Colour in the tank can vary from light to very dark depending on lighting and substrate.

Common Name:

Golden Red Tail Catfish, Sun Catfish


Macrones chryseus, Mystus chryseus, Pseudobagrus brachysoma, Pseudobagrus chryseus




Asia: Vernbanad Lake and estuaries of Kerala and southwestern Karnataka, India.


30cm. (12ins)


23-25°C (73-77°F)




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K.C. Jayaram. 2006, Catfishes of India. Narendera Publishing House. 383p.



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