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Pseudeutropius moolenburghae Weber & de Beaufort, 1913

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Relevant Information:

Found in rivers and lakes. Feeds on insect larvae and small invertebrates. Oviparous, eggs are unguarded. Found alongside P. brachypopterus where they school together. A bit more rarer in the hobby than P. brachypopterus. Aquarium Care: Quite a shy fish so would need a planted tank to make them feel safe in their surroundings. Have at least 6 to form a group. Remarks: Listed in Fishbase as still in the Schilbeidae family but in the Catalog of Fishes the current status is the family Horabagride.

Common Name:

Burmese Silver Glass Cat






Asia: Batang Hari River, Kapuas River, Sumatra. Type locality: Sumatra, Batang Hari river, Indonesia.


8.5cm. (3¼ins)


22 -28°C (71-83°F)


6.2 -7.2.


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