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Atopochilus savorgnani Sauvage, 1879

Image contributors to this species:

John P. Sullivan (1) Brian Sidauskas (1)

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Relevant Information:

Similar looking to the Chiloglanis genera but grows larger with a large sucking disc which they can graze algae and Aufwuchs from the substrate and rocks. A. savorgnani is the type species for this genus and it possess a short head and adipose fin. Aquarium Care: This species has not been exported very often in the trade but you can keep as Chiloglanis but in larger tanks with good oxygenated water from a power filter. Sand or gravel substrate with smooth rocks or pebbles. Diet: Algae, cucumber, fly larvae foods, bloodworm and flake food. Remarks: These specimens were collected in the Upper Ogowe in Gabon.

Common Name:







Africa:Upper Ogowe in Gabon, Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea and Ntem river in southern Cameroon. Type locality: Doumé [Fl. Ogôoué, aux chutes de Doumé (Congo français)].


9.0cm. (3½ins)


20-26°C (67-79°F)




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