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Chiloglanis trilobatus Seegers, 1996

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Hans van Heusden (2)

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Relevant Information:

The caudal fin of this species has three lobes hence the specific name, tri (latin) = three; lobes = lapet, lobe; lobatus (adjective) = with lappets, lobes. The colouration of this speices is a ground colour of brownish/yellow with an olive tinge. There is very small dark brown pigmented spots on the body and smaller spots on the head. There is a thin yellow lateral line and a crescent shaped dark spot to the caudal peduncle. Aquarium Care: Good oxygenated water from a power filter. Sand or gravel substrate with smooth rocks or pebbles. Their dorsal and pectoral fins are sharp and can cause wounds if not handled carefully. Diet: Algae, fly larvae foods, bloodworm, flake food. Remarks: The closest relative to this species is C. rukwaensis.

Common Name:

Three-lobed suckermouth






Africa: Rungwizi River basin, Lake Rukwa basin, Tanzania. Type locality: Piti River, an affluent of the Rungwa River, 63 km S of Rungwa Village on the road from Itigi to Makambako or Mbeya, eastern Lake Rukwa drainage, western Tanzania


5.0cm. (2ins)


20-25°C (67-77°F)




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