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Synodontis macrostigma Boulenger, 1911

Image contributors to this species:

Frants Lehmann (1 Stamp) Poll, M. 1967 Contribution à la faune ichthyologique de l'Angola (1)

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Relevant Information:

The common and specific names points to the body markings of this small species, large spots. It possess a small adipose fin a thickset body and a short snout. The caudal fin is not deep and the humeral process is obtusely pointed. Colour: Yellowish with characteristic large dark brown or black spots. The underside has smaller spots or is plain. The maxillary barbels have a dark basal membrane and a papilose leading edge. Remarks: Jubb 1967, first intimated that S. woosnami Boulenger, 1911 which was thought to be a species in its own right from the upper Zambezi and Okavango systems should be made a synonym of S. macrostigma.

Common Name:

Largespot squeaker


Synodontis schall, Synodontis woosnami




Africa: Cunene, Okavango, upper Zambezi and Kafue systems.


15cm. (6ins)


22-26°C (71 -79°F)


6.5 -7.2.


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