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Synodontis acanthoperca Friel & Vigliotta, 2006

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John P. Sullivan (1)

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Dorsal spines (total): 2; Dorsal soft rays (total): 7; Anal spines: 3; Anal soft rays: 8; Vertebrae: 35. Diagnosis: Synodontis acanthoperca is a relatively small species, with a maximum standard length below 50 mm. It is distinguished from all congeners by a distinctive pattern that includes a pair of dark patches on the caudal fin; one patch is present in the middle of each lobe of the caudal fin. Further distinguished by the presence of a well-developed opercular spine in sexually mature males. Remarks: This species is known from two sites within the Ogôoué River basin of Gabon. The type locality is the Rapids of Massoukou (Masuku) on the Ogôoué River near Franceville and a second population has been collected in rapids on the Louétsi River near Bongolo. Given the significant river distance between these sites (> 500 km), we speculate that S. acanthoperca is widely distributed in the upper Ogôoué basin wherever similar rapid habitats exist (Friel & Vigliotta, 2006)

Common Name:







Africa: Ogowe River in Gabon.


5cm. (2ins) S.L.


23-26°C (73-79°F)




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Friel, J.P. and T.R. Vigliotta, 2006. Synodontis acanthoperca, a new species from the Ogôoué River system, Gabon with comments on spiny ornamentation and sexual dimorphism in mochokid catfishes (Siluriformes: Mochokidae). Zootaxa 1125:45-56.



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