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Synodontis tanganyicae Borodin, 1936

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African Aquatic (1) Eccles, D.H. Field guide to the freshwater fishes of Tanzania (2)

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Dorsal soft rays (total): 8; Anal soft rays: 8. Inhabits moderately deep water on rocky or muddy bottoms. Has been captured from depths of 120-140 m. Oviparous. Not as commonly imported as the similar looking S. multipunctatus. Colour in alcohol, - Dorsum grey to reddish brown. Belly light in colour. Scattered small black spots present on entire body. Maxillary and mandibular barbels white, bases sometimes with scattered dusky pigmentation. Iris copper coloured. Dorsal and pectoral spines dark, terminating in short, dusky filaments. All rayed fins with small, dark spots similar to those on body. Juvenile specimens with black triangles at bases of rayed fins. Aquarium Care: As for the similar looking S. multipunctatus.

Common Name:

Blackspotted squeaker


Synodontis serratus tanganyicae, Synodontis lacustricolus




Africa: Lake Tanganyika. Type locality: Kasanga, Lake Tanganyika


40.5cm (18ins)


22-26°C (71 -79°F)


7.5 -8.2.


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