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Synodontis macrops Greenwood, 1963

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Birger Kamprath (3)

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Relevant Information:

Noted in the Red List of Threatened Species as vunerable due to it being known only from a tributary of a single river in the Teso District in the Upper Nile system. This species has very large eyes (macrops-meaning large). It has a short snout and the humeral process is triangular and pointed. Similar looking to S. kharthoumensis from the junction of the Blue and White Nile in Khartoum and also S. schall from the Nile system. Aquarium Care: Reported to be one of the aggresive forms of Synodontis along with S. schall and S. acanthomias and would need to be housed with same sized fish or larger. Diet: Will take most prepared aquarium foods such as frozen bloodworm, whiteworm, shrimp, prawns, tablet food and pellets. A wide and varied diet, along with good water paramaters, is the key to keeping Synodontis in good health and long life.

Common Name:

Large-eyed synodontis, Apple syno






Africa: Aswa River basin; Nile River system, Uganda. Type locality: Tributary stream of the Aswa River, Teso district, Uganda.


17cm. (6¾ins)


22-26°C (71-80°F)




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