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Synodontis polli Gosse, 1982

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Aquarium Care: Synodontis polli is an ideal addition to an aquarium containing fish such as other species of African Rift Lake catfish and cichlids, large tetras and large barbs, just as long as the other occupants are not too aggressive. It is documented that newly added males will fight with one another until territories have been established. Diet: Synodontis polli readily accepts a mixed and varied diet which includes sinking foods such as catfish pellets, tablets and frozen bloodworm. These catfish benefit from the addition of some meatier foods in their diet such as prawns and mussels. Their natural diet would include insects and crustaceans.  Breeding: There have been a number of reports of successful aquarium spawnings of Synodontis polli. Bob Barnes of the Catfish Study Group has been breeding them for a number of years and there have also been breeding attempts in the Czech Republic using hormone injection, and it is generally thought that there are now a few hybrids available to the hobbyist resulting from these breeding attempts.

Common Name:

Poll’s Syno.


Synodontis eurystomus




Africa: Lake Tanganyika. Type locality: Luhanga, Lake Tanganyika


14.5cm. (5¾ins)


23-29°c (73-84°f.)




ScotCat Factsheet no.160. October 2009.



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