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Chiloglanis macropterus Poll & Stewart, 1975

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Hans van Heusden (2)

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The fins are large hence the specific name (macropterus) with the spines of the dorsal and pectoral fins being very long. The body colour is dark brown with two lighter spots across the dorsum, one of them between the dorsal and adipose fin and the second behind the adipose fin. There are two light spots on the top and bottom lobes of the caudal fin. This genus is the African equivalent of the sucker mouth catfishes of South America and has a sucking disc that helps them to cling on to rocks in fast flowing rivers. Not an easy genus to identify to species. Aquarium Care: Good oxygenated water from a power filter. Sand or gravel substrate with smooth rocks or pebbles. Their dorsal and pectoral fins are sharp and can cause wounds if not handled carefully. Sexual Differences: usually in the form of a different shaped caudal fin. Diet: Algae, fly larvae foods, bloodworm, flake food. Remarks: Chiloglanis macropterus is only known from the Luongo River, Upper Congo River basin, Zambia. Dams for hydroelectricity diverts the water from the mainstream and water withdrawal for agriculture also has an influence on water level of the streams. These factors could pose threats to the species. It is known from fewer than five locations.

Common Name:







Africa: Luongo River (Luapula tributary, upper Congo River basin), Zambia. Type locality: Luongo River, at ferry crossing, 53 km. S. of Kawambwa, Zambia.


9.0cm. (3½ins)


23-26°C (73-79°F)




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