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Synodontis eupterus Boulenger, 1901

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Relevant Information:

One of the Synodontis species that has been hormone bred in eastern Europe. A mainstay of the genus in the hobby and has proved to be a long lived species. Aquarium Care: Can sometimes be quarrelsome depending on the individual fish so would be better in a larger tank with other fish such as larger barbs and tetras such as the "Congo Tetra". Will try and establish itself as the boss of the tank, then once the hierarchy is sorted out things should settle down. Make sure there are plenty of hiding places for this fish so it does not feel under threat from the other tankmates. Diet: The adults will eat a wide variety of foods and that is the key to keeping Syno's fit and healthy, a wide varied diet. They will take flake, tablet food, prawns, shrimps and frozen bloodworm.

Common Name:

Feather-Fin Catfish


Synodontis eupterus, Synodontis macrepipterus




Africa: White Nile, Chad, Volta and Niger basins including the Bénoué. Type locality: Mouth of Lake No, White Nile


16.5cm. (6½ins)


22-26°C (71-78°F)




ScotCat Factsheet no. 16. October 1997.



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