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Synodontis clarias (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Allan James (2) Danny Blundell (2) Hippocampus Bildarchiv (1) Dave Schumacher (1)

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Aquarium Care: I would suggest a minimum tank size of 60” x 18” X 18” for one or two of these stunning catfish, with plenty of hiding places amongst bogwood and plants. The ideal aquarium substrate to use with these catfish is aquarium sand such as BD Aquarium. As with all other species of fish, water quality and general husbandry is very important, and I would recommend that a minimum of 25% water is changed on a weekly basis.  Wherever possible I would recommend that the aquarist keep these catfish in a community aquarium with slightly larger fish such as large barbs, large tetras and cichlids, just as long as the other occupants are not too aggressive. Diet: Synodontis clarias prefer a mixed and varied diet which includes frozen bloodworm in addition to sinking catfish pellets and tablet foods to name but a few.

Common Name:

Red-Tail Synodontis


Pimelodus clarias clarias, Pimelodus clarias, Silurus clarias, Silurus callarias, Pimelodus synodontis, Pimelodus synodontes, Synodontis macrodon


Mochokidae blycipitidae


Africa: Chad, Niger (including the Bénoué River), Senegal, Gambia and Volta basins, also in  the Nile


36cm. (14½ins)


21-24°C (69-75°F)




ScotCat Factsheet no.158; August 2009.



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