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Synodontis dorsomaculatus Poll, 1971

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Aquarium Care: Not imported to the hobby so far but due to its moderate size should be no problem to keep in the aqaurium that is 3' 0" in length or over. Colour: Base colour is yellowish/brownish with a white underside. On the dorsum there should be dark round spots that become more difuse with age. Diet: A varied diet as per Synodontis species. Remarks: According to the IUCN Red LIst, mining for cobalt, copper, tin, uranium, dams and the use of toxic plants for fishing and overfishing form threats in this region and so it has been classified as endangered.

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Africa: Lukusi (Luvua tributary) and upper Lualaba, including the Upemba lakes (upper Congo River basin) in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Type locality: Kadia, Kisale.


12cm. (6ins)


22-25°C (71 -77°F)


6.2 -7.2.


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