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Synodontis rukwaensis  Hilgendorf & Pappenheim, 1903

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Relevant Information:

Juveniles of this species have a white/yellowish body colouration with a marbled pattern and very different from the adults. Aquarium Care: Reported to be a bit quarrelsome and territorial amongst themselves. Mature males sometimes possess a reddish caudal fin. Diet: The usual feeding for Synodontis species, being good quality flake food, tablet food, frozen bloodworm, shrimp and prawns.    

Common Name:

Lake Rukwa squeaker


Synodontis zambezensis, S.zambezensis rukwaensis, S.maculipinna, S.wamiensis


Mochokidae blycipitidae


Africa: Lake Rukwa basin, Ugalla basin Malagarasi system, and coastal drainages of Tangazni south of the Pangani River. Type locality: Rukwa Sees.


22cm. (8¾ins)


23 -26°C (73 -79°F)




Seegers, L. 2008 The catfishes of Africa. A handbook for identification and maintenance. Aqualog Verlag A.C.S. GmbH, Germany. 604 p.
Seegers, L. 1996 The fishes of the Lake Rukwa drainage. Ann. Mus. R. Afr. Centr., Sci. Zool., 278:1-407.



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