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Synodontis ngouniensis De Weirdt, Vreven & Fermon, 2008

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Joe Cutler (4)

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Dorsal spines (total): 1; Dorsal soft rays (total): 7. Distinguished from other species in this genus in having the following set of characters: 1-4 weakly developed serrations, distally located on the anterior part of the dorsal spine (vs. entirely well serrated); mandibular teeth 12-19 (vs. at least 23); membrane broad; i.e., proximally at least as brad as barbel thread, on the proximal 2/3 of the maxillary barbel (vs. none or very weakly developed); Colour: striking colour pattern, black background with whitish irregularly shaped lines and dots. Specimens have been caught in the Dola River (Gabon) at depth of 0.80 m above a sand/gravel substrate; water here was opaque, alkaline (pH 8.41) with high conductivity and with temperature of 24.0°C. Aquarium Care: Not known.

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Africa: Ngounié River basin and upper Nyanga River basin in Gabon and Republic of Congo.


18cm. (7ins)


23-27°C (73-81°F)


6.5 -7.2.


de Weirdt, D.D., E. Vreven and Y. Fermon, 2008. Synodontis ngouniensis, new species (Siluriformes: Mochokidae) from the Ngounié and Nyanga basins, Gabon and Republic of Congo. Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwat. 19(2):121-128.
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