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Mochokidae Mochokidae = ( moh COKE id dee )   

Commonly known as "Synodontis cats" or "upside-down cats" these African catfish are recognised by the local population as "squeakers" owing to the noise they make when lifted out of the water.

There are over 150 species in this family and they are noted for their feathered barbels and unique shape which separates them from all other catfish. They make very hardy inmates of an aquarium and the vast majority are peaceful apart from territorial skirmishes.
Silurus callarias
Silurus clarias
Silurus schall
Synodontis angelicus zonatus
Synodontis atrofisheri
Synodontis arabi
Synodontis augierasi
Synodontis clarias
Synodontis colyeri
Synodontis dageti
Synodontis davidi
Synodontis depauwi
Synodontis depauwi
Synodontis depauwi
Synodontis depauwi
Synodontis eburneensis
Synodontis eurystomus
Synodontis fascipinna
Synodontis gambiensis
Synodontis gambiensis latifrons
Synodontis grenshoffi
Synodontis guentheri
Synodontis guttatus
Synodontis hollyi
Synodontis hollyi ntemensis
Synodontis holopercnus
Synodontis labeo
Synodontis labeo
Synodontis lacustricolus
Synodontis macrepipterus
Synodontis maculatus
Synodontis maculosus
Synodontis macrodon
Synodontis maculipinna
Synodontis melanogaster
Synodontis melanostictus
Synodontis membranaceus
Synodontis nigriventris
Synodontis nigromaculatus
Synodontis nummifer
Synodontis omias
Synodontis ornatipinnis
Synodontis ornatipinnis
Synodontis ornatus
Synodontis ornatus
Synodontis ovidus
Synodontis pantherinus
Synodontis pantherinus
Synodontis pfefferi
Synodontis resupinata
Synodontis schall
Synodontis serratus tanganyicae
Synodontis smithii
Synodontis soloni
Synodontis tenuis
Synodontis tenuis
Synodontis tessmanni
Synodontis thomasi
Synodontis tourei
Synodontis unicolor
Synodontis velifer
Synodontis violacea
Synodontis vittatus
Synodontis wamiensis
Synodontis woosnami
Synodontis zambezensis
Synodontis zambesensis
Synodontis zambesensis
Synodontis zambezensis
Synodontis zambesiensis
Synodontis zambezensis rukwaensis
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