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Synodontis vermiculatus Daget, 1954

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Dorsal spines (total): 1; Anal spines: 0. Diagnosis: gill slits not extending ventrally beyond pectoral-fin insertions; post-orbital length at most 60% of snout length; maxillary barbels broadly fringed, shorter than head, unbranched and without tubercles, but with a distinct narrow membrane basal half of their anterior margins; outer mandibular barbels with few, simple and rather short ramifications; branches of inner mandibular barbels more numerous, subdivided and globose; mandibular teeth strong and rather long, numbering 17-22; pectoral-fin spines finely denticulate, the serrations being stronger on inner than on outer margin; dorsal-fin spine anteriorly smooth; humeral process deep, triangular, granulose and not keeled ventrally; adipose fin very well developed and close to rayed dorsal fin. Colouration: after preservation, the colouration becomes entirely light beige, with numerous small, dark specks. Live specimens: entirely yellow, with a dense pattern of black specks covering body and adipose fin; other, more widely spaced specks on fins. This is a large species that should be housed in large aquaria. Remarks: The last thumbnail species could be S. vermiculatus (juvenile) as it does come from the same location in Mali.

Common Name:



Synodontis vermiculata




Africa: Niger River, in Mopti region (Mali) and Lake Kainji (Nigeria). Type locality: Mopti, riv. Niger (Mali).


34.5cm. (13¾ins)


23-25°C (73-79°F)




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