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Pangasianodon gigas Chevey, 1931

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Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2) Frants Lehmann (2 Stamps) Jean-Francois Helias (4) Karl-Heinz Dau (2 Stamps)

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Relevant Information:

A migratory species that occurs in medium to large-sized rivers. Feeds on detritus and algae on the bottom and feeds only on vegetation in the river but takes other food in captivity. Little is known on its general pattern of life and migratory journeys for spawning. Shows one of the fastest growth rates of any fish in the world, reaching 150 to 200 kg in 6 years. Cited in the Guinness Book of Records as largest freshwater fish. Marketed fresh. Maximum length of 300 cm needs confirmation. Threatened due to over harvesting and habitat loss. Not fit for an aquarium as this species as the "Mekong giant catfish" does not belong in the home aquarium, as this is one of the worlds largest freshwater fish and as such should be admired from afar! International trade banned (CITES I, since 1.7.1975; CMS Appendix I) . In the Red List as critically endangered.

Common Name:

Mekong giant catfish


Pangasius gigas, Pangasius paucidens




Asia: Mekong and Chao Phraya River basin; in cultivation elsewhere in Asia, including Viet Nam and Myanmar.. Type locality: Cambodge.


300cm. (11ft.4ins)


22 -28°C (71 -83°F)


6.5 -7.5.


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