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Ailiidae = ( AIL iidae )  

Ailiidae is a family of catfishes native to Asia. These fishes usually have dorsal fins with a short base and a spine, but Ailia lack a dorsal fin altogether.

Most of these species in the Ailiidae family were formally in the Schilbeidae family but were reclassified and moved by Wang et al in 2016. As of 2019 there are 13 genera in this family.

Fishes of Mainland Southeast Asia
Clupisoma sinense
Weber & de Beaufort, 1913
Laides hexanema
Hippocampus Bildarchiv
Eutropiichthys britzi
Biswarup Ganguly
Clupisoma garua
Freshwater Fishes of China in Coloured Illustrations
Clupisoma longianale
Zhou Hang
Laides longibarbis
Jean-Francois Helias @ Fishing Adventures Thailand
Eutropiichthys burmannicus
Mostafa Hossain
Ailia coila, Ailia coila
Clupisoma garua, Clupisoma garua
Eutropiichthys murius
Eutropiichthys vacha, Eutropiichthys vacha
Allan James @ ScotCat
Clupisoma prateri, Clupisoma prateri, Clupisoma prateri
Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library
Laides longibarbis
Udomchai leelahanaj @ siamfishing.com
Laides hexanema
Hamid Badar Osmany
Ailiichthys punctata, Ailiichthys punctata
Nonn Panitvong @ Siamensis.org
Silonia silondia, Silonia silondia
Jian Ruilong
Silonia silondia
Kamphol Udomrittiruj
Silonia silondia, Silonia silondia








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