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Amblyceps caecutiens Blyth, 1858

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Dorsal spines (total): 1; Dorsal soft rays (total): 6-7; Anal soft rays: 14 - 15; Vertebrae: 40 - 41. Length of adipose fin base 14.6-15.8% SL (versus 18.5-33.5 in other Indochinese species); body depth at anus 9.8-10.7% SL (versus 11.2-16.9 in other Indochinese species); eyes small, dorsolaterally situated and subcutaneous, diameter 2-3.4% HL (versus 4.3-8.5 in other Indochinese species). Caudal fin lobes somewhat rounded posteriorly, with the upper lobe longer than lower. Mouth and gape terminal with lower jaw slightly longer than upper and weakly projecting forwards; lips fleshy and slightly fimbriated, with well-developed rictal fold below anterior border of eye, consisting of large and membranous upper lobe joined at corner of mouth with lower lobe. Remarks: Inhabits streams with moderate to swift current, among stones and gravel.

Common Name:



Amblyceps mucronatum 




Asia: Bago River basin, Myanmar. Type locality: Maulmein and Pegu [Myanmar].


7.5cm (3ins)


18-22°C (63-71°F)




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