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Amblyceps yunnanensis Zhang, Long, Xiao & Chen, 2016

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Amblyceps yunnanensis, a new species, is described here based on the specimens collected from a tributary of the upper Irrawaddy in the western Yunnan Province, China. It differs from all its congeners by the following combination of morphological features: skin smooth with a complete lateral line; adipose-fin originates at vertical level from anterior one quarter of the length of the anal-fin base, in the form of a low and smooth edge; dorsal-fin with one very weak spine; pectoral-fins without spines; caudal-fin truncated without pinnate-like rays. (Xiaoyan Zhang 2016 et al). Remarks: Inhabits streams with moderate to swift current, among stones and gravel.

Common Name:

Yunnan blunt head panjang






Asia: River Mengnai, Yunnan Province, China.


7.5cm (3ins)


18-22°C (63-71°F)




Xiaoyan Zhang, Yan Long, Heng Xiao and Ziming Chen "First record of the catfish genus Amblyceps Blyth, 1858 from China with the description of a new species (Osteichthyes: Amblycipitidae)," Folia Zoologica 65(2), (1 July 2016).
Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2018.FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication. www.fishbase.org, ( 10/2018 )



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