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Zaireichthys wamiensis (Seegers, 1989)

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This species along with a few others others were in the Leptoglanis genera but were reclassified by the works carried out by Mo, 1991; Diogo, 2003b and Roberts, 2003. Leptoglanis wamiensis is now a synonym of Zaireichthys wamiensis. There are still a few undescribed species. They are small and compact and their dorsal and pectoral fins possess three ossified spines which they can lock in place. They do remind me a little bit of an African version of the South American Aspidoras species. Z.wamiensis has long barbels and like this family prefer cool flowing water. In the Red List status this species is listed as vulnerable as it is only recorded from its type locality in the Wami River drainage. Such a restricted distribution makes it vulnerable to local habitat degradation.

Common Name:



Leptoglanis wamiensis




Africa: Wami River basin, Tanzania. Type locality: Kisangata -Bach bei Mvumi, 32 kilometer SW Kidete, am Wege nach Kimamba/Kilosa im Wami-Einzug NW Morogoro, Tanzania


2.5cm. (1ins)


22-25°c (71-77°f.)


6.5 -7.2.


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