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 Sciades felis (Linnaeus, 1766)

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Paul A.Scharf (1) Allan James (1 Stamp), Frants Lehmann (1 Stamp)  Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2)

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Relevant Information:

Resides in marine and brackish waters and rarely in fresh waters. The Sciades genera contains the largest number of ariid species from the eastern and western Americas, south and southeast Asia, southern New Guinea and northern Australia. The nominal genera Hexanematichthys, Selenaspis and Ariopsis represented by the respective type-species Pimelodus sagor Hamilton, 1822, Silurus herzbergii Bloch, 1794 and Arius milberti Valenciennes, 1840 (= Silurus felis Linnaeus, 1766), are considered junior synonyms of Sciades.

Common Name:

Hardhead sea catfish


Silurus felis, Arius milberti, Arius equestris, Galeichthys guentheri


Ariidae mblycipitidae


Southeastern North America. United States and Mexico. Type locality: (for Silurus felis) Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. U.S.A.


60cm (24inch)


20-27°c (67-81°f )


7.0 -8.5.


Marceniuk, Alexandre P.; Menezes, Naércio A. (2007). "Systematics of the family Ariidae (Ostariophysi, Siluriformes), with a redefinition of the genera" Zootaxa 1416: 1–126.



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