Telling genders apart in Auchenipteridae
by Daniel Konn-Vetterlein

elling genders apart can be really easy in the Auchenipteridae family, the anal fin in this case reveals everything. The males fin is modified to insert the sperm into the female, which can then store it to fertilise the eggs later on, whenever it thinks it's a good time for offspring.


Duringlanis perugiae male (below) and Female

Duringlanis perugiae male (below) and female


Formerly being referred to as Centromochlus, and even before that referred to as Tatia, this "underwater helicopter" is now happily forming part of Tolkiens world and was placed in a (sub-) genus that leads us back to Durin, the oldest of all dwarfs and first king of one of the seven families, the so called "Longbeards", created by Aule somewhere before 1050 in the 1st century.


Duringlanis perugiae - female

Duringlanis perugiae - female


Duringlanis perugiae - male

Duringlanis perugiae - male



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