The Hillstream or Torrent Catfishes
by Abhisek Mishra

he etymology of the torrent catfish genus Amblyceps means blunt headed catfish.

In india there are a plethora of Amblyceps species that can be found in the Himalayan region and now the distribution has been extended to western ghats after the discovery of Amblyceps accari from the kudremukh area in Karnataka.




These catfishes inhabit fast to moderately flowing streams where they tend to occur inside dense vegetation or in between rock crevices.

Aquarium Care:

To keep these species in home aquaria one must try to replicate their habitat i.e. clean and cool waters with high dissolved oxygen and lots of hiding places. Some species such as Amblyceps mangois will easily take dry pellets but others will require some amount of live food at first to acclimate into the tank environments.


Photo Credits

Abhisek Mishra


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