Gagata gagata
by Abhisek Mishra

isorids are my favourite genus of catfishes, let alone among all fish native to India. Gagata gagata can be found in the Ganges-Brahmaputra drainage and are also known to enter the estuaries formed by these two rivers.


Gagata gagata

Gagata gagata



Sisorid catfish dwell mostly in fast to moderate flowing waters with exceptions being Erethistes sp. which are found in rather calmer waters.

Aquarium Care:

Probably the most hardiest gagata among all species found in India, but will still require pristine water conditions with low temperatures and live food. A bigger tank is recommended by me as they are constant swimmers, if not acclimatised properly will swim to their death. A beautiful addition to any riverine tank with a sandy/cobbly substrate.


Photo Credit

Abhisek Mishra


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