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The Family Claroteidae

Shane Linder



This family was split off from Bagridae by Mo in 1991. From Mo's systematic conclusion..."In light of the phylogentetic results presented in this thesis, the family Bagridae is restricted to the "Bagrus-like group" which includes a single African genus and 15 Asiatic genera,....The group formed by two sister groups, the Clarotes - like and Auchenoglanis - like groups, stands as a clade which does not correspond with any one of the currently recognised families..and thus must be recognised as a separate family. A new family Austroglanididae is proposed to accomodate the South African genus Austroglanis...."

He also moved Horabagrus to the Schilbeidae (which has since been undone), got rid of Coreobagrus and Heterobagrus and the African genera Pardiglanis, Gnathobagrus, and Rheoglanis. Leptoglanis and Zairichthys were moved to Amphiliidae. Lastly, he showed that Bagridae is an advanced, vice relic, family as previously was assumed.































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