Kryptopterus geminus, a new species of silurid catfish (Teleostei: Siluridae) from mainland Southeast Asia
by Heok Hee Ng


resenting a short abstract from the latest paper (Sept.2003) from Heok Hee Ng.

Kryptopterus geminus, a new species of silurid catfish is described from the Bang Pakong, Mekong, Mae Khlong and Chao Phraya River drainages in mainland Southeast Asia. Kryptopterus geminus, together with K. cryptopterus, can be distinguished from congeners by the dorsal profile lacking a nuchal concavity and short maxillary barbels extending to the base of the pectoral fin.

Kryptopterus geminus can be further distinguished from K. cryptopterus in having a narrower head (9.5–12.0% SL vs. 12.2–14.2), longer anal fin (62.2–72.7% SL vs. 57.2–62.9) and snout (39.5–45.3% HL vs. 35.1–39.8), and more laterally-placed eyes (only ventral half, vs. ventral two-thirds, of the orbital margin visible when the head is viewed ventrally).


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