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Book Review: Emperor Of The Amazon - by Dr. David Sands

Daphne Layley

ecently I had the opportunity to read the updated 2005 limited edition reprint of David’s book, Emperor Of The Amazon, which is the handbook of Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, the Amazonian Red-tailed Catfish. That a book should have been written specifically about one species is quite significant and clearly demonstrates the importance of this catfish and the esteem in which it is held. The book answers all the questions any owner of one of these catfish could possibly ask about the conditions needed to maintain these fish in a healthy and humane manner. It contains detailed advice regarding water quality, water changes, filtration, feeding, tank size pro rata to fish size, health problems, transporting and acclimatising. I feel that all this information would be equally useful to enthusiasts who are keeping other large species of Amazonian catfish. There is an interesting chapter on the fishes in their natural habitat and their importance as a food fish within the Amazon basin and the commercial fisheries of the region.

The book comes spiral bound, with a soft cover. Although it’s not cheap, at £40, the information it contains is priceless. It is well researched, easily understandable and clearly written without being overly scientific. If you are considering keeping one of these fish, buy this book first!

Dr. David Sands can be contacted on 01257 249960 or E-mailed at [email protected] He will be pleased to send you a copy, £3 postage & packing, but remember, it is a limited edition, so don’t leave it too long.

First published in the Southern Counties Catfish Rescue Society newsletter 2005

Daphne Layley 25/08/2005



























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