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Breeding Corydoras guapore 2005 – 2006.

Mary Wells

he fish have lived in the same top tank now for 2 years. In February 2005 I realised that they were spawning. All of the fish were excited, I did notice one pair mating whilst swimming in the middle of the tank, they were in the usual Corydoras T- position.

Corydoras guapore


They spawned in the late afternoon, so I did not look for the eggs until the next morning and they are the worst of egg eaters.
The eggs I hatch in a floating container. At 2 days old the young are put into a rearing tank 10x10x10 inches with 6 litres of water from the adult tank, a fine air stone, a mature sponge filter, a small area of pea gravel and java moss and a temperature of 76 f. (24.5°c).

Corydoras guapore = 4-5 weeks old

I change one third of the water daily from the adult tank and after four weeks I use aged tap water and feed twice a day. I drop the food onto the sponge filter, they will not not feed from the bottom of the tank.

At about two weeks I give them micro worm, at three weeks the ones that have survived begin to show up into the main part of the tank, I then give them brine shrimp. At this time they also begin to feed from the bottom of the tank.

At four weeks I start feeding sera viformo tablets and at seven to eight weeks they are put into a planted tank to grow on.

Corydoras guapore = 7-8 weeks old


The adults spawned on average every 7 to 10 days for almost three months. With so few eggs found, it becomes a problem putting the fry along with older young, they just vanish. I do keep two tanks just for them. I reared 13 in 2005 from about 80 eggs.

This year they did not start spawning until the end of March and the young are still just as difficult to rear.

Images by author

Breeding parameters:

Adults; 4 Males 4 Females.

Tank size; 18 x 12x 12 inches.

Water; PH.6.5, GH.nil. KH.nil. Water Temp 75f. (24.5°c).

Tank Furnishings; Thin layer of pea gravel, Java moss, Bog wood with Java fern, potted Cryptocoryne, Box filter and a Large sponge filter.

Diet; Sera Viformo, Plankton tablets, O-nip, Live brine shrimp, Blood worm.

Eggs found; 2 - 12. Egg size. 1mm. Laid at a time. 1. Hatch rate 100%

Time to hatch
; 130 to 135 hours. Free swimming at 2 days.

First food given; Sera micron fine fry food, mixed with water and Liquid fry.

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