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Bunocephalus larai Ihering, 1930

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Steven Grant (3) Stuart Brown (1)

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Aquarium Care: Very peaceful small species which will do well in a quite community tank where the tank mates are non-aggressive. Hides in the sand or amongst plants. Provide a sand substrate due to its habit and a planted dark area to make them feel more secure in their surroundings. Diet: Tablet foods, insect larvae and tubifex. Remarks: Banjo catfishes are characterized by their body shape, which resembles the musical instrument known as banjo (Myers, 1960). Currently, the Aspredinidae possesses 13 valid genera (Acanthobunocephalus Friel, Amaralia Fowler, Aspredinichthys Bleeker, Aspredo Scopoli, Bunocephalus Kner, Dupouyichthys Schultz, Ernstichthys Fernández-Yépez, Hoplomyzon Myers, Micromyzon Friel & Lundberg, Platystacus Bloch, Pseudobunocephalus Friel, Pterobunocephalus Fowler, and Xyliphius Eigenmann), all endemic from the Neotropical region. Bunocephalus is the most speciose genus in the family. Bunocephalus was proposed as a new genus by Kner (1855), but the type-species Platystacus verrucosus Bloch, 1794 was subsequently designated by Bleeker (1862-1863). Bunocephalus includes nine valid species distributed in the drainages of Magdalena, Orinoco, Amazonas, São Francisco, Paraná-Paraguay, Uruguay, laguna dos Patos, and in some rivers of the western slope of the Andes (Atrato, San Juan, and Patía) (Friel, 2003). Individuals of Bunocephalus species are usually found on submerged foliage or burried in the mud of rivers and backwater creeks.

Common Name:







South America: Paraná River basin, Brazil. Type locality: Rio Piracicaba, junto ao Salto; ao 20 klm abaixo (ilha das Flechas) [São Paulo, Brazil]


5.0cm. (2ins)


20-25°c (67-77°f.)


6.0 -7.0.


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