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Austroglanis sclateri (Boulenger, 1901)

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Gareth Roocroft (2) Roger Bills (2)

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Sedimentation, particularly because of erosion in the upper Orange, Caledon and some Vaal catchments is a major threat to their rocky habitats. Dams and weirs probably affected the species negatively in the past, but the current influence is unsure. Pollution in Gauteng Province may have caused extinction in some small tributaries of the Vaal River. Occurs in rocky habitats in flowing water, favoring rapids. Feeds on invertebrates, especially insects, taken from rock surfaces; larger specimens also take small fish. Rarely caught by anglers. This larger Austroglanis species will probably never be imported to our aquariums due to the above limitations. Aquarium Care: (Roger Bills) I have kept all three species in aquaria – all quite difficult to maintain in good condition. Best results were with A. barnardi – I had them in a recirculating circular tank. Packed peat into the filter and pushed the pH right down. Fed them on worms mostly although I assume they generally eat chironomids, mayflies and caddis mostly in the wild. They were very aggressive with each other and seemed to maintain territories.

Common Name:

Common Rock Catfish


Gephyroglanis sclateri




South Africa: Orange-Vaal River basin, in major tributaries and main river channel. Also found in Lesotho and Namibia. Type locality: Vaal River, South Africa.


30cm (12ins) SL.






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Bills R. (pers comm)



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