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Hemibagrus filamentus (Fang & Chaux, 1949)

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Fishes of Mainland Southeast Asia (2) Original source (1) Dr. Nasser Halaweh (1)

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Dorsal spines (total): 1; Dorsal soft rays (total): 7; Anal soft rays: 12 - 14; Vertebrae: 44 - 46. Can be differentiated from its congeners by a unique combination of the following characters: head length 31.0-34.3% SL; dorsal to adipose distance 7.3-10.9% SL; length of dorsal-fin 27.3-30.8% SL; post-adipose distance 14.7-16.2% SL; interorbital distance 28.1-31.1% HL; presence of filamentous extensions on the first three dorsal-fin rays in adults. Depressed dorsal fin reaching adipose fin; adipose fin same color as body; body and fins a uniform dark brown; crenulate ridge along anterior edge of pectoral spine; 8 branched anal-fin rays. Elongated upper caudal lobe ending in a filament. Remarks: The species is found in a wide variety of lentic and lotic habitats, although it is more frequently encountered in larger rivers with a substrate of sand or mud. This species feeds mainly on fishes, crustaceans, aquatic insect larvae and plant fragments. It migrates into smaller tributaries and out into flooded areas occurs with the rising water level, with spawning taking place during the months of June-July. When water levels start to recede at the end of the flood season the fish return to the main river channel where they remain in deep pools during the dry season. At several places throughout the basin, migrations are guided by the lunar phase: in the Mekong in Cambodia, the early dry-season upstream migrations occur just before, and during, the full moon.

Common Name:



Macrones (Hemibagrus) filamentus




Asia: Middle and lower Mekong River basin of Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Type locality: Cambodge.


50.0 cm TL. (20ins)


21-28°C (69-83°F)




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