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Hemibagrus olyroides (Roberts, 1989)

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Relevant Information:

Found in the Kapuas Lakes Area in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, fishermen reported that this species occurs in the upper reaches of main rivers among wood debris and sunken trees and logs. Aquarium Care: As with most of the genus, H. olyroides can become a pretty nasty character in your fish tanks and if housed with other fish can be lethal. Cichlids such as the Pikes from the Crenichla genus that can look after themselves would be the best bet for other tankmates. Although one of the smaller of the genus they can not to be trusted with other fish. If kept with other fish they will have to be able to look after themselves. Diet: Whilst this catfish is best described as a predator/carnivore in its natural habitat feedings of fish, insects, shrimps and other crustaceans, in captivity this catfish will feed on mussels, prawns, pieces of fish, earthworms and will even take prepared foods such as catfish pellets.

Common Name:



Mystus olyroides




Asia: Kapuas River, western Borneo. Type locality: Sintang Market (reportedly caught in Sungai Kebian), Western Borneo (Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia).


20cm. (8ins)


22-28°C (71-83°F)




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