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Rita rita (Hamilton, 1822)

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Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (3) Liam Irons-Mclean (2) Thomas Kobe (2) Mostafa Hossain (3)

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Relevant Information:

Inhabits rivers and estuaries, preferably muddy to clear water. Prefers backwater of quiet eddies. Feeds on insects, mollusks, shrimps and fishes. Description: Three pairs of barbels: maxillary pair reaching operculum, nasal very small, mandibular extending to pre-operculum. Rayed dorsal fin inserted above half of pectoral fin, spine smooth as long or as or longer than head, when depressed may reach adipose base. Adipose fin short, not reaching caudal base. Colour: Pale brown above and on sides, dull beneath. Live specimens are lucid green above on sides, pale beneath.

Common Name:

Rita, Whale Catfish


Pimelodus rita, Arius ritoides, Rita buchanani




Asia: Rivers of northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Type locality: estuaries of Bengal. No types known.


120cm SL (48ins)


18-26°C (63-79°F)




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