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Clarias nieuhofii Valenciennes, 1840

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Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (1) Fishes of Mainland Southeast Asia (2)

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Relevant Information:

Occurs in peats, lakes and lowland forest streams. A slender eel-type walking catfish and found in well shaded forest streams and swamps with acidic waters. A carnivorous species which feeds at night. Diet: Omnivorous, mainly smaller fishes, benthos and plant matters. Colour: Dark brown with several vertical rows of off white spots; fins dark.

Common Name:

Slender walking catfish


Clarias gilli, Clarias pentapterus




Asia: Sumatra, Kalimantan, India, Thailand and the Philippines (Sudarto et al., 2004); Coastal and, probably, Mekong side of Cardamom Range, Cambodia.


40cm. (16ins)


23-28C (73-83F)




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