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Chrysichthys longipinnis  (Boulenger, 1899)

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Relevant Information:

Only youngsters are seen in the aquarium trade. This species feeds mainly on worms. There are conflicting reports of the adult size of this species as they range from 14cm ( Baensch, H.A. and R. Riehl 1991) as Gephyroglanis longipinnis, to 70cm ( Fishbase 2009). As this genera in the main are large species I would go with the latter as the smaller size may have been imported juveniles.

Common Name:

Aluminium catfish


Gephyroglanis longipinnis, Gephyroglanis gigas, Chrysichthys magnus


Claroteidae blycipitidae


Africa: Congo-Lualaba River system. Type locality: Dolo, Stanley Pool [Congo River].


70cm. (2ft 4ins)


20-26°C (67-77°F)




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