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Parauchenoglanis monkei (Keilback, 1910)

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Nocturnal and crepuscular and preys on insect larvae, crustaceans, and small fishes. This catfish is also known as Parauchenoglanis guttatus in some publications but this is a ambiguous synonym (a synonym with more than one meaning). The two synotypes (Pimelodus guttatus Lönnberg, 1895) ZMUU 567 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History have apparently been lost. Preserved specimens are brown or greyish brown with (4)5-6(7) dark bars on the flanks. In some specimens these bars are formed of large confluent blotches. Small spots may be present between the bands. The degree of pigmentation shows intraspecific variation.

Common Name:

Dotted catfish


Auchenoglanis fasciatus, Auchenoglanis monkei, Auchenoglanis guttatus (ambiguous synonym), Pimelodus guttatus, Parauchenoglanis fasciatus, Parauchenoglanis guttatus (ambiguous synonym), Parauchenoglanis loennbergi, Parauchenoglanis lönnbergi.




Africa: Ouémé River, Benin, to the Sanaga River, Cameroon. Type locality: river N’Dian [Cameroon].


25cm. (10ins)


24-28°C (75-83°F)




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