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Acanthodoras spinosissimus (Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1888)

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Steven Grant (2)  

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Relevant Information:

Similar to Acanthodoras cataphractus but is rarer in aquarium imports. The main differences are the lateral body plates of the caudal peduncle in A. cataphractus tend to meet above and below (except the last one), whereas in A. cataphractus the last four or five pairs are separated. A. spinosissimus also has a broader and spinier humeral process. and A. cataphractus also tends to be a more slimmer fish. Aquarium Care: No problem inhabitants of a medium to large community aquarium. Provide plenty of hiding places for this species as they are crepuscular catfishes and will very rarely venture out in daylight or bright light. Their fins can inflict a nasty wound if you handle them the wrong way as they can clamp their pectoral fins around the fingers. They can omit croaking sounds, hence the common name, which is applied by them rotating their pectoral spines in their sockets. Diet: Sinking tablet food, worm foods and most aquarium fare.

Common Name:

Chocolate talking catfish


Doras brunnescens, Doras spinosissimus




South America: Amazon and Essequibo River basins. Type locality: Upper Essequibo [Guyana].


15cm. (6ins)


22-26°C (71-79°F)




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