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Rhynchodoras woodsi Glodek, 1976

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Not often seen in the hobby. This is one of three species in this genera the other two being Rhynchodoras castilloi and R. xingui. Aquarium Care: As with most Rhynchodoras and its close relatives, Rhinodoras and Ospodoras they will need plenty of hiding places with driftwood, ceramic pots and pipes being the norm. A good water flow is also suggested for this species. Diet: They will need feeding in the dusk hours as they will probably not appear much during the day unless you have dim lighting in the tank. Feed all the usual aquarium foods such as tablet, pellet, flake and frozen foods such as bloodworm, and live foods such as small earthworms and whiteworm.

Common Name:

Parrot doradid






South America: Pastaza River basin in Marañon River drainage, Ecuador. Type Locality: Eastern Ecuador, Moreta Bobonaza, between Sarayacu and Montalvo. Río Bobonaza, a tributary of Río Pastaza, itself a tributary of Río Marañon in Peru.


10.5cm. (4¼ins)


23-26°C (73-79°F)




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